Baby Turtles Hatching at Regency Isle Orange Beach

The other morning I woke up and decided to take a look off the balcony of the condo. I saw a gathering of people down on the beach and speculated that it must be an early morning turtle hatching. I grabbed my camera to see what all the commotion was about. To my delight it was exactly what I’d hoped for, turtles hatching!

Here are a few snapshots of the turtle hatching that we recently witnessed. It was so neat to see this happening right next to the condo. If you see any taped areas around the beach, these are most often turtle egg nests. If you wake up early in the morning and see a group of people huddled around these nests then they turtles are likely hatching!

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#turtlehatching #babyturtles #orangebeach #gulfshores #regencyisle

Here is a video of a turtle hatching we witnessed at the condo recently. I was really cool to see this in person!

I think this is the last video I have of the turtle hatchlings witnessed at Orange Beach Recently. This one has a funny part in it. The volunteers that help hatch the turtles (and for some reason think they are the only ones who can interact with the turtles) think they are turtle whisperers. At around 1:25 in the video you can hear a volunteer asking me to step back citing that I may step on the turtles. I declined her request for me to step back and at 1:31 I informed her that I’m an adult and won’t be stepping on the tutles. 😂

#hatchlings #turtles #babyturtles #turtlehatching #regencyisle #orangebeach #gulfshores #alabama

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